Vegan Protein Powder with a purpose

Approximately one quarter of all green house gas emissions come from the global food supply chain, which means there is a huge opportunity to reduce emissions by a significant amount in this area. This is achievable by increasing the proportion of protein consumption from sustainable sources.

Protein is essential for the cells in our bodies to grow and repair, humans need protein to lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, some common sources of protein, namely those from animals, have a significant negative impact on our environment and are major contributors to climate change. This issue is being compounded by the world’s growing population – more people means more protein is required which means even more environmental damage will occur if we continue to derive protein from the same sources. 

plant based protein powder versus meat protein greenhouse gas emissions per 100 kilocalories chart
water use per kilogram of food product | vegan plant based protein powder
land use per kg of food product chart


Fortunately there are plant based protein sources which are much more efficient in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and land & water use. We can significantly reduce the ecological impact of the agriculture industry by increasing the proportion of protein we consume from plant based sources. As depicted below, vegan diets are the gold standard in regard to environmental impact. However even a flexitarian diet of two-thirds vegan meals can reduce environmental impact by over 50%. 



Green Planet Protein’s purpose is to aid in and contribute to humans sourcing an increased proportion of their protein intake from plant sources. We aim to do this by providing a product with superior taste and nutritional value, therefore making it an easy decision to choose Green Planet Protein over animal based options.

At Green Planet Protein, our primary mission is to have a positive impact on the environment. In addition to offering an alternative to animal based protein, Green Planet Protein is carbon negative, plants one tree per item sold, uses local ingredients and more. Learn more in the about us section.