Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for carbon emissions produced by a product, by funding projects that remove or reduce emissions from the atmosphere, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation programs.

When an organisation funds projects that offset the same amount of emissions that the organisation emits, the organisation is carbon neutral

When an organisation funds projects that offset more emissions than the organisation emits, the organisation is carbon negative.

At Green Planet Protein we offset 10 times the carbon we emit in producing and distributing our products. We do this by investing in projects like these:

Mauritius Solar

A portion of every sale of Green Planet Protein goes towards funding solar electricity generation in Mauritius. The power generated by this project replaces energy that would otherwise have been provided from fossil fuels.


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Central America Water Filtration

Due to a lack of clean drinking water, many women and children in Central America spend much of their time gathering fuel to boil water, instead of putting that time toward more productive purposes. By providing water filtration the need to burn wood or coal to boil dirty water is removed, as is the carbon this process creates.


Guatemala Cookstoves

In many less fortunate parts of the World, the reliance on inefficient cookstoves and fuels leads to a wide variety of problems including deforestation, air pollution, climate change and ill health. By replacing traditional cookstoves with fuel efficient stoves in Guatemalan households, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, pressure on local forests is relieved and the incidence of chronic respiratory disease are lowered, improving livelihoods in poor communities.


Green Planet Protein's carbon offsetting is certified by The Carbon Reduction Institute,

Every time you buy Green Planet Protein, you are supporting these amazing causes, Thank you!