Sustainable Banking

Where people and organisations put their money has an enormous impact on the environment. Bank Australia is an Australian customer owned bank that does not invest in fossil fuels, live animal exports, military weaponry, tobacco, or gambling.

Bank Australian have great products, competitive rates, easy to use services and amazing customer service. BA are carbon neutral, a certified B corporation and support numerous conservation initiatives.

Warning: Don't join bank Australia unless you're prepared to be treated like a human being, not a number.

Important: if you leave one of the big 4 banks for BA – make sure you let them know that you dumped them for a greener option. Big banks wont clean up their act because they care about the environment but they will clean up their act when supporting pollutive industries starts to cost them customers and money. It only takes a small percentage of customers to do this and get the message through to senior management.

Apart from being a very satisfied customer, Green Planet Protein has no relationship with Bank Australia.