Green Superannuation

9.50% of what we earn goes in to our superannuation and we have very limited control of what it is invested in. Fortunately there are options to ensure your super isn't supporting industries that you wouldn't. 

Future Super is an Australian retail superannuation fund that offers superannuation services, focusing on zero fossil fuel investment and on holistically ethical investments with an emphasis on clean energy projects.

Making the switch is surprisingly easy just head to their website: 

In addition to Future Super, Australian Ethical Superannuation also offer a fully sustainable option while many other funds provide “ethical” or “sustainable” options – including UniSuper, Sunsuper and Australian Super, the country’s largest fund.

Supporting ethical funds sends a strong message to the rest of the industry. If you get the chance, it's always a good idea to let your old fund know that you left them for a greener option - "it's not me, its you" style.

Apart from being a very satisfied customer, Green Planet Protein has no relationship with Future Super.